Between the Two Worlds Now Available Online for Free for a Limited Time

In order to help everyone get through the self-quarantine days resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, the student sci-fi fantasy film ‘Between the Two Worlds’ will be temporarily available for free on YouTube. First premiered in 2019, the film is based on a fictional universe with a dense setting — a ‘constructed world’. The video is available from here.

For more information on the film, the concept of constructed world and the world of Firraksnarre itself, please check out this post.


Osamu Ezaki, a Japanese college student, is struggling with his lack of ambition and hope in his life. As Osamu suffers from insomnia, Nakano, a fellow student, one day talks to him saying that he knows a way to cure his illness. Nakano hands him a mysterious ‘amulette’, which, according to him, would allow him to sleep when placed under his pillow. Dubious but intrigued, he follows Nakano’s instructions, and finds himself in a virtual space called the ‘Mirror World’. In this virtual dimension only accessible in his dreams, International Parallel Universe Research Institution Woturih Enoma (IPURI-WE) was conducting a secret research about an external universe named ‘Firraksnarre’. Osamu then finds out that he possessed a special ability that linked him closely to Firraksnarre…

A Message from Director Tomohiro Nakano

Hello, my name is Tomohiro Nakano, a director of a feature-length student film called Between the Two Worlds, which I created with my friends at university spanning from 2018 to 2019. The narrative of this film is based on a ‘constructed world’, a fictional universe with detailed and dense settings, and has been chosen as one of the ‘Highlights’ of May Festival and Komaba Festival at the University of Tokyo, while the constructed world itself was featured in nation-wide television programmes, newspapers and magazines such as NHK’s ‘Shin-Nihon-Fudoki’, Mainichi-Shimbun, and President Family.

In the current situation where self-quarantine has been in effect as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the production of the sequel Fragments of Hope (and another, whose name is yet to be announced) has stopped, and the principal photography has not even finished. Thus, we are forced to postpone the premiere of Fragments of Hope and its sequel, and the release dates could not be re-determined until there is any indication as to when the pandemic would come to an end. We would like to apologise to our fans who had been waiting for the two new films.

On the other hand, we are delighted to announce that Between the Two Worlds, the first film in our ‘Firraksnarre: Hic Mundus’ trilogy, will be available on YouTube for free for a limited time! The film will be open for viewing starting from today until May 17th, the day the May Festival was initially going to take place (where Fragments of Hope would have been up for screening). We hope that this film will allow our audiences to have a good time at home in this difficult time. Meanwhile, I also plan to hold a public viewing/live streaming event of the film as I comment on the film in real-time.

If you liked this film, please be sure to like the video, comment, share and subscribe to the channel ‘Firraksnarre’ and ‘Tormis Narno’!

With sincere wish that this film would help our audience endure the coming months with strength and hope,

Tomohiro Nakano a.k.a. Tormis Narno
Conworld creator, student film director

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