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‘Arge amvoseza, amvosiza — Vas vosjy zarmanak, vas vosjy falak.
…Yaz amhirza barak la vos virak erhenaran.
Mhir amhirza barak da, nara, affasenakena daken vosa torvargeter.’

‘Firane Jisa Argeter’-ter

A world, not of now, not of here — Some dream of it, while others laugh at it, although few know that it really exist, and those who know that we humans have originated from that other world are even fewer.

from Between the Two Worlds

Welcome to the official site of Constructed World Firraksnarre. Latest information about Firraksnarre, an ‘explorable’ imaginary universe with its own detailed history, culture, geography and languages.

Building a whole new world

The term conworld, short for constructed universe, refers to imaginary universes which have highly detailed settings about different aspects such as the conception of the universe, evolutionary history of humans and other life forms, the formation process of different cultures and so on. Conworlds are on a vastly different level from ‘pre-fabricated’ fantasy/sci-fi universes in regards to their intricacy and density. Firraksnarre is a conworld built by Tomohiro Nakano (a.k.a. Tormis Narno), aiming to be a world that is ‘explorable’ through experiencing its history and culture of the inhabiting humans.

Planet Aramordar and its moon Utur, which occupies an important position in the Firraksnarre legendarium.